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Over 74 'Plant-derived' Liquid Minerals from the original TJ Clark mine in Utah. Produced since 1926. (All it takes is 1 1/2 teaspoons per day of our concentrated minerals.)

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Where the "Original" TJ Clark Mineral Supplements Come From!
(Not The Rockland Corporation, TJ Clark & Co. or C & M Laboratories)

True 'Plant-Derived' minerals must come from a source with a proven history and with no contamination. These pristine minerals come from a lush rain forest that was buried by floodwater in a pre-historic valley in Utah, 60-120 million years ago.

Because coal comes from plants that have become 'carbonised', the only way to extract the minerals is to use an acid. Because the TJ Clark mine contains plants that never became 'carbonised' it is possible to extract the minerals using just purified water. (Like making a cup of tea!) The result is a pure liquid concentrate with an abundance of minerals, elements, fulvic acid and ingredients that only Mother Nature knows about!

Video about liquid minerals and the TJ Clark Mine in Utah
Video about our liquid minerals
and the TJ Clark Mine in Utah.

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The TJ Clark mine contains the remains of an ancient rain forest that geologists say was rapidly buried 60-120 million years ago, by rising flood waters. Sand, clay & silt surrounded the plants & shielded them with an impervious barrier that protected them from the elements. The covering fortunately, wasn't heavy enough to turn the vegetation into coal.This was the beginning of the plant-derived "Colloidal Mineral" phenomenon!


Heavy machinery used for mining the deposit   Machinery being used to start a new mine entrance in the "Original" TJ Clark Mine.

A close-up of the Original TJ Clark mine entrance that started it all in 1926. Notice Tom Clarks initials carved into the rock   The TJ Clarks Grandson and I prior to entering the mine.

It was a real pleasure to finally be inside the 'Original' mine that began back in 1926.   The minerals extracted from the mine look and feel like rock but they are very fragile and crumble very easily in your hand.

Click here to see some other mines in The "Prehistoric" Valley in Utah.


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