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The most efficient and healthiest way to get balanced nutrition
is to take a small amount of ingredients in a liquid form
with a good balance of your daily needs, using the RDA for moderation.


Because of all the pollution, physical and emotional stress, it is more important today to give your body the

Vitamins and Minerals

it needs. The body produces absolutely ZERO minerals and there are

essential vitamins

the body needs but it does not produce all of them.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

are needed every day especially for those people who have an inadequate diet.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) need to be added to

essential vitamins and minerals

because they are needed for your skin, heart, eyes and your brain. The problem is your body produces NONE. Unless you eat fish 2-3 times per week you could be very deficient in EFA's.

There are 60 minerals and 16 vitamins considered essential along with 19 amino acids that can help to slow down aging and maintain your health so a

multivitamin mineral

is only part of the answer.

Can't Find That 'MAGIC' One-A-Day Pill?

Sorry to tell you it DOESN'T EXIST... WHY?

It is all about 'Absorption' and the ability of supplements to enter the blood cells. If they cannot enter your blood cells then you are throwing your money away!

The only way to get maximum absorption for your health and your pocket is to be aware of the following:

LIQUID...Is the only way to get maximum absorption because the absorption rate of tablets is poor and in many cases they pass right through your body, so you are literally throwing your money away. Tablets have poor absorption because they have:

  1. Binders to keep them together.
  2. Artificial flavoring and coloring.
  3. Artificial Sweeteners.
  4. Mostly synthetic ingredients
  5. Disintegrators to break down the capsule
  6. Wax coatings.

BALANCE & MODERATION... We are all different and there is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to our individual needs. We use the RDA's to supplement your daily needs. (We all eat differently so our intake of nutrition varies from person to person.) Many companies are supplying supplements with Mega Doses' that can have unintended consequences by reducing the efficiency of other ingredients.

OVERDOSING... Many food products are being fortified with vitamins and you could be overdosing on your Fat Soluble' vitamins (A, D, E & K) which can be dangerous. Mega doses are not the answer!

ALLERGIC REACTION... Throwing all your supplements into 1 bottle or tablet doesn't work because you may be allergic (or the taste is awful) to one ingredient and this prevents you from taking it no matter how good you think it is.

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT... We separate our vitamins and minerals, etc because we are all different. (Some people need more minerals than vitamins and some vice versa.) This system gives you a 'flexible' approach to your nutritional needs and allows you to adjust your intake depending upon your current health condition.

Magic One-Day Pill


Do your tablets for you

You can do a quick test at home by immersing your tablets in vinegar and check to see if it starts to breakdown within 30 minutes. Here is a capsule that has been in vinegar for 12 hours and it still has not released any of its ingredients!

Liquid vitamins are more efficient than tablets/capsules because of the higher absorption rate. Most vitamin suppliers use synthetic vitamins simply for ease of manufacturing, greater shelf life and because they are cheap. The most efficient and healthiest way to get balanced nutrition is to take a small amount of natural ingredients in a liquid form with a good balance of your daily vitamin needs using the RDA for moderation.

We have now added 19 'Amino Acids' to our vitamins.

Amino Acids are the "building blocks" tof he body that make up proteins. These proteins make the muscles, tendons, organs, glands, nails, and hair. Repair and maintenance of all cells are dependent upon them. Amino Acids that must be obtained from the diet are called "Essential Amino Acids" other Amino Acids that the body can manufacture from other sources are called "NonEssential Amino Acids."

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