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Alpha Health Support 4.9 stars, based on 56 reviews Alpha Health Support Trace Mineral Drops are concentrated and 450% stronger than the average liquid 'plant-derived' minerals available. They also contain naturally-occurring fulvic and amino acids and no preservatives. They are sometimes referred to as angstrom sized, ionic or colloidal minerals in reference to the size of the mineral. The trace mineral drops also contain over 74 major, minor and ultra-trace minerals. Trace mineral research over the years has shown that our bodies are depleted of minerals because of the way food is processed and the methods of cooking. These liquid trace minerals are optimally organic minerals and have been produced for the past 80 plus years. 11-T30 TMD 1 fl oz (30 ml) 2 Months Supply FREE SHIPPING 11-T30 TMD
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The Ultimate Liquid Mineral supplement on the market. A "Professional Strength" product that is 450% stronger than the average mineral supplement on the market today and at a lower price! 1 fl oz (30 ml) 2 Months Supply FREE SHIPPING

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Our bodies consist of a bag of water, held together by minerals and running on electricity. With our body made up of around 60% of water, minerals are like the nuts and bolts that hold us together and make everything work. The brain runs the body by sending electrical signals to make everything function. The truth is that without minerals you would die. Minerals are more important than vitamins because the body can make vitamins but it cannot make minerals. They must come from 'Mother Nature'.

Many doctors believe that because our cells are constantly being replaced, that over a period of 7-10 years, every cell in the body has been replaced. In effect, this means that none of us are more than 10 years old. This cell replacement cannot be done without minerals, so if you are not getting the essential minerals that your body needs, then how healthy will your body be in 7-10 years? Minerals are like an investment in your future health and well being. Lets face it, the older we get, Shopperthe more help we need

Absorption is the key. A small amount of 'Natural' minerals that are 'Plant-Derived' and 'Organic' and in a liquid form, are far better than a large amount of synthetic minerals in tablet form. Most tablets are only absorbed about 20-30% and the amount that is absorbed is struggling to get into your blood cells. (Ever tried to eat a 'Synthetic' apple?)


450% Stronger Than The Average Liquid
Minerals On The Market Today.

(Professional Strength Concentrate)


1 oz Bottle = 2 Months Supply

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  • 450% Stronger than the average liquid minerals on the market today... 115,729 mg/l
  • Contains 'All Natural' Plant-Derived minerals in liquid form for Maximum Absorption.
  • Contains 74 Minerals and Trace Minerals, Elements & Electrolytes in purified water.
  • Contains 18 'naturally occurring' Amino Acids unlike 99% of other mineral products.
  • Contains trace amounts of 5 'naturally occurring' Vitamins unlike 99% of other liquid mineral products.
  • Contains the highest percentage of Fulvic Acid... 5.7%
  • These minerals have been around for over 80 years. Click here to see the mine:
  • 1 ounce Glass Bottle with a dropper for Safety and Convenience
  • Does not contain any preservatives or additives of any kind.
  • Vegan and free of dairy products, salt, sugar, yeast, gluten, corn, wheat, egg, soy, starch, etc.
  • Two Months Supply in every bottle ($19.98 p mth) with 60 servings of 8 drops. (0.5 ml)
  • Plus you get FREE SHIPPING
  • Unlike many other companies our TMD 450x assures you of Quantity, Quality and Safety with a laboratory analysis of the following:

MINERALS Click here for the Ingredients Analysis

FULVIC ACID Click here for the Analysis

AMINO ACIDS Click here for the Analysis

VITAMINS Click here for the Analysis

COA Click here for the Certificate Of Analysis



They are minerals that are vital to the body but are required in such very small (trace) amounts.There are 7 "Major" minerals and many "Minor" minerals along with "Trace" and "Ultratrace" minerals. The most commonly known ones are listed below:

Major/Minor Minerals

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Sulphur
  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium

Trace Minerals

  • Chromium
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Fluoride
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Iodine
  • Manganese
  • Molybdenum
  • Cobalt

UltraTrace Minerals

  • Nickel
  • Silicon
  • Boron

Click here for see our 'Ingredients List' of 74 trace minerals


Trace minerals manufactured by drying off the water from the Great Salt Lake are not the wisest choice to use as a mineral supplement. Most of these products contain about 70% of salt (sodium/chloride) per serving. The actual trace mineral content is about the same as sea water.

They are not from 'plant matter' and these products contain NO Fulvic Acid. Fulvic acid is important because it acts as a delivery system for the nutrients and minerals.

Minerals carried by fulvic acid are far more effective as a mineral and trace element supplement. Deposits that contain fulvic acid in its "Free Form", along with excellent mineral content, are in a league of their own.

Trace Minerals Review

The Top Trace Minerals

  • Plant-Derived
  • Contain Fulvic Acid
  • Produced using 'purified water'
  • A 'Natural' Colloidal Product.
  • (You don't have to "Shake the bottle")
  • Value for Money

The Bottom Trace Minerals

  • From Sea Water or a Salt Lake
  • From Coal or 'inorganic sources'
  • Have No fulvic acid
  • Produced using acid / hydroxide etc?
  • You have to "Shake the bottle"
  • Poor value for money

Here is a review of 8 popular mineral concentrates to help you make an informed decision for your health's sake.

10 POINT SCORING SYSTEM... Click here for more information
# of Minerals Mg/l (PPM) Natural Colloidal Product Fulvic Acid Produced with Water Years
Free Shipping
Amino Acids Points
74 115,729 5.7% 80+ 10
D - 1 oz
74 N/A 8
O - 2 ozs
72 6,843 4 6
K - 1 oz
77 N/A <20 5
Y - 2 ozs
74 7,188 3.7% 1 4
A - 4 ozs
74 425,670
C - 8 ozs
73 419,190
Store 5
X - 16 ozs
74 200,458
<20 3
1) 425,670 but 299,960 mg/l (PPM) is 70% Salt (Chloride + Sodium) this leaves 125,712 mg of actual minerals.
2) 419,190 but 306,347 mg/l (PPM) is 73% Salt (Chloride + Sodium) this leaves 112,843 mg of actual minerals.
3) 200,458 but 118,790 mg/l (PPM) is 59% Salt (Chloride + Sodium) this leaves 81,668 mg of actual minerals.

NOTE: This review has been created using the following:

  • All information from the Internet, the companies own website, labels, emails, phone calls and samples purchased for evaluation
  • If we do not have the information we use a question mark and give the company the "benefit of the doubt" and allocate the points regardless.
  • To remain objective we do not make any money from sales commissions unlike other reviews.
  • This is an open letter to the companies that would like to add, dispute or update any information about themselves and their product.
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  • ABSORPTION - How important is absorption?
    It's not what you eat but what you absorb! You can do a simple test to see if your tablets/capsules are being absorbed. Soak one of your tablets/capsules in a small container of vinegar. It should start to dissolve within 30 minutes. If it doesn’t, then it is more than likely passing through your body without being properly utilized. "It has been demonstrated that only 10-20% of the nutrients of pills are actually absorbed. The 'National Advisory Board' states that 100 mgs consumed in tablet form translates into a concentration of only 8.3 mgs or 8.3% in the blood.(1) With liquids' a smaller amount of natural ingredients are able to achieve the same results as larger 'Synthetic' doses.

    (1) Physician's Desk Reference (page 1542, #49)

  • ANIMALS... Do They Need Minerals?
    There is a synergy between plants, animals & humans and it all revolves around the minerals on our planet. We all rely on minerals and without a sufficient quantity of the right minerals we can all suffer. Try 4-8 drops per day added to their food or water or you can just do 1 or 2 sprays from a bottle.
  • ACIDITY... Will taking the minerals make my body more "Acidic"?
    Taking minerals with a low pH level of 2%-3% does not make your body acidic. Many fruit juices are also acidic but will alkalize the body. Although Vitamin C is very acidic, it will alkalize the blood, body fluids and tissues. Minerals containing fulvic acid are in the same category as Vitamin C... they will alkalize the system.
    They are also nature`s most potent anti-oxidants and electrolytes. Once the minerals are placed in water or juice the pH of the original liquid is a "None Issue".
  • COAL EXTRACTION... How Are Minerals Extracted From Coal?
    METHOD #1 -Using an alkaline extractantIt has been a practice for many years to extract minerals from Leonardite/Lignite coal with Sodium Hydroxide for use in agriculture. The Give Away about using an acid to produce minerals is the high PH (alkalinity) of the product. Many companies use Potassium Hydroxide, which is a very alkaline substance with a pH of 13-14, to leach the fulvic and humic compounds from coal. They probably use Potassium Hydroxide because it is more human friendly and it actually adds potassium, in a very diluted form, to the minerals. (Not harmful really...just sounds bad.) Humic Acid can be dissolved at a high pH (alkaline) so by adding this acid, the Humic Acid is precipitated out and falls to the bottom. Since Fulvic Acid can be dissolved at all pH levels it remains in the solution. This is why Leonardite/Lignite coal requires potassium hydroxide... it is an alkaline extractant. The result is a very thick black liquid that is then mixed with water and this causes the fall-out of most of the Humic Acid... the resulting liquid is then siphoned off and filtered. It is now a yellow color and mostly Fulvic Acid is left over (although only about 1 -2%) Now you evaporate some of the water to concentrate the yellow liquid. PROBLEM... the result is a very weak mineral supplement.
    METHOD #2 - Using an acid (Hydrochloric?)...
    use white rice in a Spray Drying Machine to turn the black dust into a white dust. You then add Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) to extract the minerals, dilute with water and now you have liquid minerals. PROBLEM... You are getting some minerals but you have destroyed most of the elements Mother Nature created. Most products including all those that claim a neutral pH, those that appear black but have no taste and those that appear light yellow with no taste are manufactured from Lignite or Leaonardite a type of coal. Although the coal contains a high percentage of fulvic acid, this is NOT the concentration contained in the final extracted product, fit for human consumption. Attempting to extract this fulvic acid from coal to the concentrations found in the original raw material, results in undesirable substance like heavy metals, excess carbon and volatile oils ending up in the final product. Neutral pH fulvic acid products DO NOT contain "Free Form Fulvic Acid" but reacted fulvic compounds with many of the benefits of fulvic acid having been neutralized by the manufacturing process. It is amazing that companies selling these coal derived minerals, market them as a "Fresh Water Source". It is a coal source no matter how you spin it! According to the USDA, all fulvic acid contained in coal cannot be extracted using water only. USDA documents reveal that ALL fulvic acid from coal (Leonardite or Lignite) can only be extracted using an akali substance. The most common of which is potassium hydroxide of sodium hydroxide! In other words, CHEMICALS. The mineral content of these products is virtually non-existent. The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of these products is extremely low. Ground water often contains about the same quantities of minerals.
  • CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS (COA)... Why you should ask for one before you buy.
    This is a laboratory test to check that the product you get does not contain any bacteria like E-Coli, Salmonella, Yeast or Mold, etc. Click here to see our analysis.
  • CHELATED MINERALS... What Are They?
    Simply put, chelation is the process of bonding an amino acid to a mineral to enable the body to better absorb an "Inorganic" mineral. It is a method to try and fool the body into thinking that the minerals are Organic. Want some iron? You may as well get a rusty pipe, scrape some of the rust off, mix with water and drink it. Ugh! The "Pill Pushers" try and convince you that Colloidal Minerals are too large to be absorbed.
    Quote: "The popular Colloidal Minerals are actually too large to enter the cell membrane. Floating in liquid (the definition of a colloid), doesn't mean it can be utilized at the cellular level. Don't be deceived by hype when it is contrary to basic biochemistry." Unquote. They don't tell you that there are many types of colloids. I guess they need to go back to biochemistry school? Do a fast overnight and check your blood sugar level. Take a dosage of minerals, wait 30 mins and retest your sugar and you be the judge?
  • COLLOIDAL MINERALS... What Are They?
    The famous Dead Doctors Don't Lie* tape about colloidal minerals, has created worldwide awareness that many of us are not getting the minerals that our bodies need from our food. In 1926 Thomas Jefferson Clark used the name "Colloidal Minerals" to describe his minerals that are so small that they do not fall out of suspension. 'Colloidal', which means colloid particles as small as one nanometer (1/1,000,000,000 - one one-billionth of a meter) that are in suspension in a liquid. Here is a list or what true colloidal minerals consist of: 1) The minerals have some color. If it looks like water, most of the time you are paying for water? 2)You should not have to "Shake the bottle" before using. True natural colloidal minerals always stay in suspension. If you buy a brand and it says "Shake the bottle before using" then you are getting some minerals that are too large to enter the blood cells. 3) Plant-derived minerals have been digested by plants and are naturally acidic. The PH should between 2%-4%. They will also carry a negative electrical charge. 4) They should have a shelf life of at least 3-5 years. 5) They should not need refrigeration. 6) There should be at least 70 minerals backed by an ingredient list. 7) There should be at least a quantity of 20,000 mg/l (PPM) minerals backed by an ingredient list. 8) The minerals should contain "naturally occurring Fulvic Acid in the range of 5%-7%. 9) They should be extracted by leaching using purified water. No acid, alkaline extraction or evaporation, etc should be used because you are destroying elements that Mother Nature put into the plants.
  • CONTENTS... What Minerals Do They Contain? ?
    Some companies are adding "Inorganic" material to supplement their product because it is lacking in minerals or they want to "pump them up" for marketing purposes. Some resort to some new and weird names to try and get an edge over the competition like Ionic / Phytogenic / Angstom Sized / Monatomic / Etc. Supplemental Facts as shown on product label: (Click to see entire label) Click here to see the full Ingredients List.
  • COLOR... What can you tell by the color of liquid minerals?
    The minerals should have some color. If it looks like water, most of the time you are paying for water?
    clark mhs
    Other Colloidal Minerals
    ALPHA Mineral Health Support
    If it looks black then you are paying for some minerals that have been extracted from coal dust using an acid alkaline extract... this process destroys most of the minerals so what are you getting for your money?
    clark mhs
    Other Colloidal Minerals
    ALPHA Mineral Health Support
  • FULVIC ACID... What Is It And Where Does It Come From?
    Fulvic acids are naturally occurring organic acids that are part of the structure of rich soil. It is an acid created in extremely small amounts by the action of millions of beneficial microbes working in a soil environment with adequate oxygen. These Microbes convert minerals into organic forms which are then absorbed by plant roots. Plants don't convert anything really; the soil is the stomach of the plant. Plants use the converted minerals they absorb and complex them into organic molecules in their cells that combine to make the RNA and DNA of the cell, etc. Otherwise the minerals are expelled, never absorbed at all, or exuded back into the soil. Plants readily absorb high amounts of fulvic acid, and maintain it in their structure. This is why you do NOT add minerals to fulvic acid. Your minerals should already contain fulvic acid in a 'naturally occurring' form and quantity. Fulvic acid usually carries 74 or more minerals and trace elements as part of its molecular complexes. These are then in ideal natural form to be absorbed by plant roots and interact with living cells. TMD 450x comes from a true plant matter deposit. This material is rich in a diversity of minerals, trace minerals, amino acids fulvic acid and naturally occurring enzymes and even vitamins.

Click Here for more information

  • INGREDIENTS LIST... Analysis of ingredients
    Click here to see the full Ingredients List
  • IONIC... What is the difference between Ionic, Colloidal and Angstrom Minerals?
    Colloids are groups of molecules held together by special electrical properties dispersed or suspended in a liquid. Ions are single molecules with an electric charge. Angstrom merely refers to the size of the ions. To qualify as angstrom size the ion must be a unit of measurement that equals one ten-billionth of a meter or less in size. Fulvic Acid minerals contain all three molecular states making them one of the most unique and complex substances in nature. Ions of angstrom size contain no colloids, but all Fulvic Mineral Colloids contain ions of angstrom size within their complex structure. The minerals that we consume in fresh plant matter are in the perfect form for our cells to gain the maximum - optimal nutritional benefits. Let's take a look at how these perfect minerals end up that way. The minerals begin their journey to a plant's cells in the form of a rock clay, shale or metallic mineral that has been washed or eroded into the soil by rain water or other natural occurrences. Once there, the minerals are acted upon by the natural organic acids (fulvic and humic acids) found in all soils. The minerals are now in a complex colloidal state in a form where plants can derive mineral ions. These ions (single molecules) are "given up" by the fulvic colloids from what is known as the donor side of the Fulvic Acid molecule. Once the mineral ions are inside the plants structure they are again converted to a colloidal mineral that is connected (bound to) organic acids. When we consume plants we are ingesting organic acid bound minerals, whose molecules are grouped together in various ring structures and held there by specialized electrical properties. Once inside our bodies the mineral colloids are again called upon to give up ions for various reactions in the body and cells... but by the time the mineral ions reach the inside of our blood stream and cells they are again converted to colloids. Now imagine prehistoric plants able to reach deep into the earth extracting minerals not found today on our surface soils and farmlands. These plants lived and died for millions of years creating rich deposits of fulvic minerals. Most of these deposits are no longer accessible except in a few locations on earth. Such a deposit is the source of our Fulvic Acid Minerals.
  • LIGHT BULB TEST... What is the "Light Bulb Test" and what is it used for?
    Click here to watch the video
    Minerals are a good conductor of electricity. This simple test indicates if there are any minerals in a liquid by placing 2 electrodes into a glass of the product.If there is a sufficient quantity of minerals then the bulb will light up. If there are a small amount of minerals then the bulb will barely glow and if there are no minerals then the bulb will not light at all.
  • MISSING LAST 2 MINUTES OF THE TAPE... Why Are They Missing?
    This is the part of the tape that most distributors DONT want you to hear, the "Missing last 2 minutes", which is not included on the "censored" tapes. Dr Wallach* refers to the true source of these famous minerals in the last 2 minutes of the tape which many other companies have conveniently snipped off!
  • MINERALS... Why Does My Body Need All These Minerals?
    Click here to see the list of minerals and how they can help my body.
  • NEGATIVE CHARGED MINERALS... What does this mean and who is Dr Fritz-Albert Popp?

    Dr Fritz-Albert Popp and the chart.

    There was a BIO-ELECTRONIC TEST done by Dr Fritz-Albert Popp, well known biophysicist and professor at the Kaiserlautern University in Germany.
    Here is a transcript of a letter from Dr Gottfried Lange of Elmshorn, Germany, dated January 18, 1992, describing the protocol used in the test done on a product called the "Original" TJ Clark Mineral Formula.
    "All living organisms emit certain electro-magnetic waves. If they are in a healthy condition, they emit more. If not, they emit less. This phenomena is common to all forms of cells. This electromagnetic emission is called biophotons. In these tests "acetabularia mediterranea", a certain very sensitive algae from the Mediterranean Sea is used. This algae is so sensitive to ecological influences that there are scarcely any of these algae left in the Mediterranean. The test, using this form of algae, is a scientifically recognized method of determining whether or not a substance is toxic, or to what degree a substance is beneficial to cells. The test was carried out by one of the world's leading biophysicists, Dr Fritz-Albert Popp. A summary of the results is shown in the graph below".
    The Chart
    1. The first two bars of the graph show the photon emission of the cells which had an optimum vitamin nutrient solution, called "100% V*", given to them. The green bar measures the photon emission at the start of the test. The following yellow bar shows the photon emission after a period of three days without additional nutrients given to them.
    2. The second set of two bars show the photon emission of cells given only a 10% V nutrient, and after the three day period, are termed as cells under "great stress", and without further nutrients would die.
    3. The third set of two bars were again only given the 10% V solution, but a 1.4 µl** (micro liter) amount of the Clark Minerals was added to the solution. A significant improvement is shown, even though there was only a 10% V nutrient given.
    4. In the fourth set of two bars, again only a 10%V solution was added, and the amount of Clark's minerals was reduced to only .14 µl. The improvement was even greater, showing that vitamin utilization is greatly enhanced with only small amounts of the product.
    5. The vitamin withdrawal is fully compensated for after the three day period. This was considered a very significant result, and corresponds with the experiences of practitioners and the many testimonies that have been observed with users of the product over the last 70 years. *V: Vitamin formula ** µl: microliters
  • PRODUCTION... How Are The Minerals Produced?
    They are produced in a FDA 'registered' and 'inspected' production facility using purified water. Many other companies are using 'acid leaching' which is not good for you or the minerals?
  • PURIFIED WATER... Why Do You Use Purified Water?
    Liquid Minerals carry an electrical charge and when they are dispensed into water that is not purified, distilled or filtered, the "Inorganic" minerals are knocked out of suspension. Put some in some tap water and leave overnight. You will see a white wispy substance at the bottom of the glass.
  • RESEARCH... Where Can I Get Unbiased Research?
    Silverstream Research has done an article on colloidal minerals. Click Here for more information
  • SALT WATER MINERALS... Are they good for you?
    race minerals manufactured by drying off the water from the Great Salt Lake are not the wisest choice to use as a mineral supplement. Most of these products contain about 70% of salt (sodium/chloride) per serving. The actual trace mineral content is about the same as sea water. They are not from 'plant matter' and these products contain NO Fulvic Acid. Fulvic acid is important because it acts as a delivery system for the nutrients and minerals. Minerals carried by fulvic acid are far more effective as a mineral and trace element supplement. Deposits that contain fulvic acid in its "Free Form", along with excellent mineral content, are in a league of their own.
  • SENATE DOCUMENT #264... What Is It?
    It is a record from the 74th Congress, 2nd Session, 1936 about soil depletion in the USA. Click here to read the document
  • SHAKE THE BOTTLE... What Does It Mean If The Label Says "Shake The Bottle"
    If the minerals fall out of suspension and you have to "Shake the Bottle" to get them back into suspension then that is a good indication that the 'extraction process' is suspect or they are not true colloidal minerals. Natural Organic colloidal minerals that have passed through the roots of plants, never fall out of suspension... why? They are in the same form as the minerals found in the cells of living plants. If you extract the minerals by leaching, using only water, then they remain identical to the minerals found in the structure of plants and will NOT fall out of suspension. Mother Nature has created fulvic acid and other elements in the minerals that we do not know exist and as soon as you start " messing" with the minerals by using acid extraction, then you are destroying vital ingredients that our body can use (and probably need). Some companies extract the minerals, add minerals, flavoring and other ingredients for marketing purposes. Genuine Trace minerals are more than just the minerals you can count under a microscope or discover using a spectrum analysis. You cannot improve on Mother Nature... ever tried to eat a man-made apple?
  • VEGAN... Are The Trace Mineral Drops Vegan?
    The Trace Mineral Drops are from a plant source and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Bottle Size: 1 fl. oz (30 ml)
Dosage: 8 Drops (0.5 ml)
Servings 60
(2 Months supply) ,/p>

* This is what we expect to see... Results may vary.