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Age 78

Alpha Health Support is the end result of years of dissatisfaction with low quality and expensive nutritional supplements.

The founder and president of Alpha Heath Support started taking liquid minerals in 1993 and today, 25 years later at the ripe 'young' age of 78, (see photo) is still in good health with no medications and still has his hair and teeth and everything is still working?

In frustration with the mineral products on the market at the time, he started his own business in 2002 selling just minerals. People taking the minerals were constantly asking which vitamins, calcium, etc. did we recommend. The answer was that we could not recommend any. After 6 months of research we found that there was a better way to produce supplements to stay healthy so we started to produce our own. Because everyone is different, there is no "one size fits all", so we separated the minerals and the vitamins, calcium, etc.

The president takes the Alpha Health Support supplements every day and wanted nothing but the best for himself so he created the most natural supplements available in liquid form. Our research showed that it is all about 'Absorption' and the ability of supplements to enter the blood cells. If they cannot enter your blood cells then you are throwing your money away! (Ever tried to eat a synthetic apple?)

The company guidelines are Absorption, Balance, Moderation & Value for Money. The only way to get maximum absorption for your health and your pocket is to follow these guidelines:

NATURAL INGREDIENTS... Most suppliers use synthetic ingredients simply for ease of manufacturing, greater shelf life and because they are cheap. Synthetic and 'Inorganic' ingredients are not fully absorbed and can have many side effects along with 'unintended' consequences.

ABSORPTION... It is all about LIQUIDS Versus TABLETS... Liquids are absorbed 90-95% versus tablets at 10-20%.

BALANCE & MODERATION ...We are all different and there is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to our individual needs. We use the US Government Recommend Daily Intake to supplement your minimum daily needs and build from there.

OVERDOSING ... Many companies are supplying supplements with Mega Doses' that can have unintended consequences by reducing the efficiency of other ingredients. It is also dangerous to take high doses of 'fat-soluble' vitamins because they can build up in your body. (Vitamin A, D. E & K)

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT...We all have various occupations, our metabolism varies and we all eat different food and our intake of nutrition varies from person to person and country to country. Alpha Health Support separates the minerals, vitamins and calcium, etc. because we are all different. (Some people need more minerals than vitamins and some vice versa.) This system gives you a ‘flexible’ approach to your nutritional needs and allows you to adjust your intake depending upon your current health condition.

Many people are taking LARGE AMOUNTS of SYNTHETIC supplements in a TABLET form. Taking supplements this way is absolutely useless, and expensive, because of the poor absorption rate of 10% - 20% and the body's inability to utilize synthetics!

The most efficient, and healthiest way to get balanced nutrition, is to take a small amount of 'Natural' ingredients in a liquid form, with a good balance of your daily needs, using the RDI for moderation.