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Startling New Facts About Osteoporosis

Dr Betty Kamen Ph.D
The book that exposes why 'calcium-mania' is not only absurd, but that it can be dangerous!

"We tear down our skeleton and build it back about once every 5 years. The fact that calcium absorption decreases with additional calcium intake is an example of your body's control mechanism for protection.

A report in the American Jounal of Medicine suggests that the reason you are absorbing LESS calcium when consuming MORE is to shield you from toxicity. [50] Too much calcium, in the absence of its metabolic cofactors, is regarded as TOXIC."


"Americans drink more milk than the people of any other nation. Yet we have the higest incidence of bone problems." [3]

"Milk, because it is so rich in animal protein, often causes a greater calcium loss than gain - referred to as negative calcium balance. [17] This fact may come as a surprise, even to the proessionals, who have been conditioned to believe that cow's milk is a 'perfect' food and a major source of clacium. Cow's milk is perfect food - for a calf!"

"Animals do not consume milk after weaning, nor do they ever consume the milk of another species. Note that cows eat only grass, yet they build tremendous bone structures."

"Women who develop osteoporosis have been shown to have a greater degree of lactose intolerance than those who do not."

"Almost all foods which contain lactose are processed, hard to digest and generally do not enhance immune capacity or bone health. And that includes milk! (It has even been shown that lactose increases cholesterol.)