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Dr Melody Marin DC, QME

Why Take Minerals & Vitamins Separately?</

"All nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, oils, etc, require minerals for activity. Therefore vitamins and minerals should be taken separately". The VITAMIN HEALTH PACK solves this problem!

Dr Melody Marin DC, QME

A dedicated Doctor who has spent many years helping people with 'Alternative' methods of healing through research and understanding of her patients needs

"As the day dawns and we awake from our sleep, our brain needs certain chemicals to prepare the body for its daily tasks".

"Minerals are an important supplement needed to activate vitamins, proteins, enzymes, fat and carbohydrates to keep the body healthy".

"Supplementing with minerals becomes even more important as the demand for food increases and our soil and plants become more and more depleted in vital minerals. The level of minerals found even in organic fruits and vegetables is less than it was ten years ago".

"It is logical that chronic degenerative diseases have also increased, and it is concerning that not only are there more people suffering with disease, but that they are getting diagnosed with these types of diseases at a younger age".

"Organic minerals are easily supplemented in our diets and should be taken first thing in the morning as a liquid added to water or fruit juice. This prepares the body to maximize the amount of food and vitamins absorbed into your cells, and vitalizes you at the start of your day".

"After taking your minerals do 15 minutes of exercise and then eat a healthy breakfast. This simple morning ritual is an important part of getting your cells activated. Taking your vitamins and protein supplements with breakfast will quickly make you feel re-vitalized for a great day".

Dr M. Marin DC, QME