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The 10 Point Scoring System Is Based On The Following:

  • 1 Point - Plant-Derived... Your body is designed to obtain nutrients from plants not sea water, salt lakes, coal, etc
  • 1 Point- Minimum of 70 minerals... Remember that products having a few minerals are far better than having no minerals at all, and as such will have some benefit to the consumer even though there are superior products available with better value for money.
  • 1 Point - Total Quantity of Minerals - Mg/l (PPM)...If you are getting minerals that are so low in quantity then your body is being cheated. The ingredients should total at least 20,000 mg/L (20,000 PPM) Some companies unfortunately, get an analysis done with a "pumped up" sample of minerals for marketing purposes but you don`t know if you are getting all those minerals in your everyday product? (We use the total quantity of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) listed in each analysis and not what the company promotes.) The pH of the minerals also helps to establish the quantity of minerals. Unless they have "messed with" them, a low pH indicates a high quantity and a high pH vice versa.
  • 1 Point - Natural Colloidal Product... If the minerals fall out of suspension and you have to "shake the bottle" to get them back into suspension then this is a good indication that the extraction process is suspect and that they are not true colloidal minerals. Natural Organic colloidal minerals that have passed through the roots of plants, never fall out of suspension... why? They are in the same form as the minerals found in the cells of living plants. If you extract the minerals by leaching, using only water, then they remain identical to the minerals found in the structure of plants and will not fall out of suspension. Minerals from coal are not natural colloidal minerals because of the acid extraction necessary for extraction. Minerals from coal are not natural colloidal minerals because of the strong alkaline base extraction necessary to free the minerals from the coal. Minerals from a Salt Lake are not derived from a plant origin and therefore are not a natural colloidal product.
  • 1 Point - Fulvic Acid... This shows that the minerals are "plant-derived" and has this vital part of the whole package of minerals your body requires.
  • 1 Point - Produced with Water... Some minerals are produced from coal, and because this is "Carbonized" plant material, the only way to extract the minerals is to use a strong alkaline extracting agent. (A popular one is Potassium Hydroxide.) True "plant-derived" minerals can be extracted using only pure water.
  • 1 Point - Years in Production... There are so many companies now selling so-called colloidal minerals from some strange sources and have no history of safety of their product. The minimum to earn 1 point is 20 years of production of that product from the same source..
  • 1 Point - Free Shipping Available... Shipping costs can make your choice very costly, especially with the price of gas and shipping costs on the increase.
  • 1 Point - Value for Money... Paying a cheap price for minerals that don`t have the quality or quantity, are not value for money. e.g. One company sells minerals that have the pH of water, the specific gravity of water and tastes like water. (guess what you are buying) The cost of your minerals should not exceed $22 per month. This point is not awarded to companies who do not supply a laboratory analysis of their mineral ingredients.
  • 1 Point - Naturally Occuring Amino Acids... This is a very good indication that the minerals come from a natural plant origin.