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Alpha Health Support. 4.9 stars, based on 83 reviews. Trace Mineral Drops are concentrated and 450% stronger than the average liquid 'plant-derived' minerals available. They also contain naturally-occurring fulvic and amino acids and no preservatives. The trace mineral drops also contain over 74 major, minor and ultra-trace minerals. Trace mineral research over the years has shown that our bodies are depleted of minerals because of the way food is grown, processed and the methods of cooking. These liquid trace minerals are optimally organic minerals and have been produced for the past 90 plus years. 11-T30-TMD 1 fl ozs (30 ml) Two Months Supply 00859537003042 11-T450-TMD
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Trace Mineral Drops

* Trace Mineral Drops 450x are concentrated and contain fulvic and amino acids with no preservatives. They are sometimes referred to as angstrom sized, ionic or colloidal minerals. These trace mineral drops also contain over 74 major, minor and ultra-trace minerals. Trace mineral research over the years has shown that our bodies are depleted of minerals because crops are being grown in depleted soil, the way food is being processed and the methods of cooking. This is a health problem because our bodies produce ZERO minerals. These liquid trace minerals are optimally organic minerals and have been produced for the past 80 plus years.

* This is what we expect to see... Results may vary.

1 fl oz (30 ml) 2 Months Supply

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Our bodies consist of a bag of water, held together by minerals and running on electricity. With our body made up of around 60% of water, minerals are like the nuts and bolts that hold us together and make everything work. The brain runs the body by sending electrical signals to make everything function. Minerals are more important than vitamins because the body can make vitamins but it cannot make minerals. They must come from 'Mother Nature'.

Many doctors believe that because our cells are constantly being replaced, that over a period of 7-10 years, every cell in the body has been replaced. In effect, this means that none of us are more than 10 years old. This cell replacement cannot be done without minerals, so if you are not getting the essential minerals that your body needs, then how healthy will your body be in 7-10 years? Minerals are like an investment in your future health and well being. Lets face it, the older we get, the more help we need

Absorption is the key. A small amount of 'Natural' minerals that are 'Plant-Derived' and 'Organic' and in a liquid form, are far better than a large amount of synthetic minerals in tablet form. Most tablets are only absorbed about 10-20% and the amount that is absorbed is struggling to get into your blood cells. (Ever tried to eat a 'Synthetic' apple?)


(Professional Strength Concentrate)

1 oz Bottle = 2 Months Supply

  • Contains 115,729 mgl of 'All Natural' Plant-Derived minerals in liquid form for Maximum Absorption.
  • Contains 74 Minerals and Trace Minerals, Elements & Electrolytes in purified water.
  • Contains 18 'naturally occurring' Amino Acids unlike 99% of other mineral products.
  • Contains trace amounts of 5 'naturally occurring' Vitamins unlike 99% of other liquid mineral products.
  • These minerals have been around for over 80 years.
  • 1 ounce Glass Bottle with a dropper for Safety and Convenience
  • Does not contain any preservatives or additives of any kind.
  • Vegan and free of dairy products, salt, sugar, yeast, gluten, corn, wheat, egg, soy, starch, etc.
  • Two Months Supply in every bottle ($19.98 p mth) with 60 servings of 8 drops. (0.5 ml)
  • Unlike many other companies our TMD 450x assures you of Quantity, Quality and Safety with a laboratory analysis of the following:

MINERALS: Click here for the Mineral Ingredients Analysis

AMINO ACIDS: Click here for the Amino Acids Analysis

VITAMINS: Click here for the Vitamins Analysis

COA: Click here for the Certificate Of Analysis



They are minerals that are vital to the body but are required in such very small (trace) amounts.There are 7 "Major" minerals and many "Minor" minerals along with "Trace" and "Ultratrace" minerals. The most commonly known ones are listed below:

Major/Minor Minerals

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Sulphur
  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium

Trace Minerals

  • Chromium
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Fluoride
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Iodine
  • Manganese
  • Molybdenum
  • Cobalt

UltraTrace Minerals

  • Nickel
  • Silicon
  • Boron


Trace minerals manufactured by drying off the water from the Great Salt Lake are not the wisest choice to use as a mineral supplement. Most of these products contain about 70% of salt (sodium/chloride) per serving. The actual trace mineral content is about the same as sea water.

They are not from 'plant matter' which is needed for maximum nutrition.

Trace Minerals Review

The Top Trace Minerals

  • Plant-Derived
  • Produced using 'purified water'
  • A 'Natural' Colloidal Product.
  • (You don't have to "Shake the bottle")
  • Value for Money

The Bottom Trace Minerals

  • From Sea Water or a Salt Lake
  • From Coal or 'inorganic sources'
  • Produced using acid / hydroxide etc?
  • You have to "Shake the bottle"
  • Poor value for money

Here is a review of 8 popular mineral concentrates to help you make an informed decision for your health's sake.

# of Minerals Mg/l (PPM) Natural Colloidal Product Fulvic Acid Produced with Water Years
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Amino Acids Points
74 115,729 5.7% 80+ 10
D - 1 oz
74 N/A 8
O - 2 ozs
72 6,843 4 6
K - 1 oz
77 N/A <20 5
Y - 2 ozs
74 7,188 3.7% 1 4
A - 4 ozs
74 425,670
C - 8 ozs
73 419,190
Store 5
X - 16 ozs
74 200,458
<20 3
1) 425,670 but 299,960 mg/l (PPM) is 70% Salt (Chloride + Sodium) this leaves 125,712 mg of actual minerals.
2) 419,190 but 306,347 mg/l (PPM) is 73% Salt (Chloride + Sodium) this leaves 112,843 mg of actual minerals.
3) 200,458 but 118,790 mg/l (PPM) is 59% Salt (Chloride + Sodium) this leaves 81,668 mg of actual minerals.

NOTE: This review has been created using the following:

  • All information from the Internet, the companies own website, labels, emails, phone calls and samples purchased for evaluation
  • If we do not have the information we use a question mark and give the company the "benefit of the doubt" and allocate the points regardless.
  • To remain objective we do not make any money from sales commissions unlike other reviews.
  • This is an open letter to the companies that would like to add, dispute or update any information about themselves and their product.

Bottle Size: 1 fl. oz (30 ml)
Dosage: 8 Drops (0.5 ml)
Servings 60
(2 Months supply)

* This is what we expect to see... Results may vary.
  • ABSORPTION - How important is absorption?
    It's not what you eat but what you absorb! You can do a simple test to see if your tablets/capsules are being absorbed. Soak one of your tablets/capsules in a small container of vinegar. It should start to dissolve within 30 minutes. If it doesn’t, then it is more than likely passing through your body without being properly utilized. "It has been demonstrated that only 10-20% of the nutrients of pills are actually absorbed. The 'National Advisory Board' states that 100 mgs consumed in tablet form translates into a concentration of only 8.3 mgs or 8.3% in the blood.(1) With liquids' a smaller amount of natural ingredients are able to achieve the same results as larger 'Synthetic' doses.

    (1) Physician's Desk Reference (page 1542, #49)

  • AMINO ACIDS - Why are they important?
    Amino Acids are the "building blocks" of the body that make up proteins. Proteins make the muscles, tendons, organs, glands, nails, and hair. Repair and maintenance of all cells are dependent upon them. Amino Acids that must be obtained from the diet are called "Essential Amino Acids" (These are marked with an *asterisk) and other Amino Acids that the body can manufacture from other sources are called "NonEssential Amino Acids."
    • Alanine
    • *Leucine
    • Arginine
    • *Lysine
    • Aspartic Acid/Asparagine
    • *Methionine
    • Isoleucine
    • Cysteine
    • *Phenylalanine
    • Glutamic Acid / Glutamne
    • Proline
    • Glycine
    • Tyrosine
    • Serine
    • *Histidine
    • *Threonine
    • Hydroxylysine
    • *Tryptophan
    • Hydroxyproline
    • *Valine
    Click here to see the analysis of the Amino Acids
  • LIQUID VERSUS TABLETS - Why is this important?
    The answer is NOT mega doses, but smaller quantities that are used more efficiently. We achieve this by using natural minerals in a highly absorbent liquid form. Natural minerals in a liquid form, means that a smaller amount of ingredients are able to achieve the same results as larger 'Synthetic' doses.
  • MINERALS - Where are the minerals?
    Minerals are needed to assist in the body’s absorption of all nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars and oils. Therefore, vitamins and minerals should be taken separately. (We suggest that you take your minerals first thing in the morning and your vitamins at least 20 - 30 minutes later.) Mixing minerals with vitamins reduces the potency of the minerals by approximately 25%. Also everyone is different...some need more minerals than others! 
  • MODERATION - Why is this important?
    You won’t see mega doses of minerals because everyone is different. We all consume different food, have different metabolisms, different genes, different life styles and are different in size and weight. What may be the right dosage for one person may not be good for another. This flexible and balanced approach helps people to control their daily nutritional needs without overdosing and jeopardizing their health!
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Why are they more effective than synthetic ingredients?
    For thousands of years our body has only processed natural forms of minerals and it knows how to handle them. It has difficulty absorbing man-made synthetic or chelated minerals because the molecular structure is different and this affects what happens at the cellular level.
  • TASTE - What do the minerals taste like?
    You can mix it with any liquid of your choice. e.g water or fruit juice but not any hot drink.